First Simple Example

This is the basic and first example for starter android programmers. This example will show you that how to create first project and run your project. Please follow these steps with screen shots…

1. Open Eclipse.1

2. Now Click on this icon 2 then select Android application Project.

3. Type Application Name(Any), project name(if you want to change then can change according to your choice),package name(you can also change it according to your choice but remember package name should be start with com/net/org… ). If you want to change Minimum Required SDK and Target SDK then can change according to your requirement. Which device you want to compile your project and set theme for the project.And click on next.

4. Now you will see and click on Next.

5. Here you can change your application icon, background, shape and more. Then click on next.

6. Now you will see this screen. Again click on next.

7. Here you can change activity name, layout name and navigation type. Then click on finish.

8. After finish you will see.

9. Now create a AVD(Android Virtual Device) for running project, click on this icon10

10. After that you will see a window on your screen.

11. Click on New then you will see

12. Type AVD Name, select device(as screen size),choose Target, select camera from emulated, increase VM Heap Size like 256, type sd card size(If you want to take image from camera or creating database)
13 and then click OK.

13. Now you will see.
14 then click on start and close (if click on start then AVD Device will be shown and it will starting and if close screen then follow next).

14. Select Project want to run project and then click on this icon15 and select Android Application then ok 16or select project then right click on project and select Run As—> Android Application.

15. Now Virtual Device will be Start.




Final Result

Thanks for reading this tutorial.

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