• Gmail's massive redesign is now live: Here's a look at the new features
    by Harish Jonnalagadda on April 25, 2018 at 8:25 am

    Gmail picks up a new design and a host of new features. Google announced earlier this month that it would revamp Gmail's design on the desktop, and the changes are going live today. Gmail is getting a significant design overhaul that makes in more in line with its Android counterpart, and Google is introducing a whole host of new features centered around security and ease of use. There's a new confidential mode that lets you set an expiration date for a particular email, smart replies, easier options for snoozing emails, an offline mode, high-priority notification setting that cuts down on the push notifications, and much more. Here's a look at all the new additions in Gmail. Confidential mode The major new feature in Gmail is confidential mode, which allows you to set granular controls for sensitive emails. Confidential mode lets you remove options to forward, copy, download or print messages, and you can also set the message to expire at a specified time. There's also an op... […]

  • OnePlus 6 to be announced on May 16 in London, first sale kicks off May 21 in India
    by Joe Maring on April 25, 2018 at 7:00 am

    Tickets are on sale now and start at $21 USD. There's been plenty of talk regarding the OnePlus 6 over the last few weeks, but soon all those rumors and speculation will be laid to rest with the phone's official unveiling. Today, OnePlus announced that it'll be showing off the phone on Wednesday, May 16 in London. The event will kick-off at 5:00 PM BST, and in addition to the press/media, it'll also be open to any OnePlus fans that are willing and able to attend. Tickets are available for purchase now, with Early Bird pricing starting at just $21 USD per ticket. Those will be on sale until 8:00 PM BST on Friday, April 27, and from 8:01 PM onwards, Standard Tickets will cost $41. OnePlus is also selling Plus One tickets that allow you to get two tickets at a lower rate. You'll need to purchase two tickets in a single transaction, but you'll pay just $27 per ticket for a final price of $54 for two people to attend. OnePlus is touting this as its "biggest ever community event" with ... […]

  • Amazon launches the Echo Spot in India, discounts all Echo devices in the process
    by Harish Jonnalagadda on April 25, 2018 at 4:21 am

    The Echo Spot has an introductory price of ₹10,499 ($155), after which it will retail for ₹12,999 ($195). Amazon introduced the Echo family in India at the end of last year, and the company is now launching the Echo Spot in the country. The Echo Spot has an introductory price of ₹10,499 ($155), after which it will retail for ₹12,999 ($195). The device offers the same great functionality as other Echo devices, but you also get a 2.5-inch screen that facilitates video calling. The device itself is considerably smaller than the Echo, and there's a front camera along with volume controls and a four-mic array. It comes with a 1.4-inch single speaker, and Amazon says that the screen makes it an ideal device for the nightstand — allowing you to easily view your calendar, get weather updates, and more. The Echo Spot will be able to play videos from local news outlets like NDTV, Aaj Tak, Times Now and India Today, and you'll even be able to view movie traile... […]

  • The LG G7 will have an extra-tall 6.1-inch display that gets really, really bright
    by Daniel Bader on April 25, 2018 at 12:34 am

    More than meets the eye. In its way, LG is the most leak-friendly company in the world, mainly because as its phones meander towards a public announcement, it peppers the media with teases and press releases meant to keep the hoards satisfied. To that end, the company has announced that the LG G7 ThinQ will have a 6.1-inch IPS LCD display that goes up to 1000 nits, which makes it the brightest panel using that technology we've seen to date. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 and S9 series can go beyond 1,000 nits, but only when in bright sunlight and can't be specified by the user. These screenshots prove that you'll be able to disable the LG G7's notch through software. The G7's display will also be taller than its predecessor's, the LG G6, with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio — identical to the iPhone X — which accommodates the notch portion of the screen without sacrificing additional real estate. According to a pair of screenshots provided to Android Central, it appears you'll be a... […]

  • Google Play Music might be killed off this year in favor of YouTube Remix
    by Joe Maring on April 25, 2018 at 12:19 am

    Users are said to be forced off Play Music by the end of the year. Right now, the state of Google's music streaming services is a bit of a mess. Google Play Music is the company's most notable player, but you can also listen to tunes and watch music videos via YouTube Red. If you're on mobile, you can separately download the YouTube Music app that also comes with a Play Music/YouTube Red subscription. This jumble of services isn't the easiest to understand, and to fix this, Google might replace them with YouTube Remix. This is a rumor that first popped up back in December, but according to a new report from Droid Life, it's said that Google will shut down Play Music following the launch of YouTube Remix. It's unknown how quickly the domino effect will happen, but users will reportedly be forced off of Play Music by the end of the year. It's unclear at this time if playlists, liked songs, and saved local files will transfer over to YouTube Remix, but I've got to imagine Google's go... […]

  • Instagram's 'Data Download' lets you save all your content offline
    by Joe Maring on April 24, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Available now on desktop, coming soon to Android and iOS apps. Earlier this month, Instagram announced that it was working on a tool to allow users to download and save offline copies of their data. Today, that tool is being launched as Data Download. Data Download is rolling out to Instagram now, with access currently available on the web and coming soon to the Android and iOS apps. You'll find Data Download within your privacy settings, and after requesting your info, it'll be compiled and delivered within a matter of hours/days. Once your data is ready to go, you'll have offline copies of your photos, videos, any stories you've archived, comments, direct messages, and your profile info. Why is Instagram just now releasing something like this? While Data Download should have been in place a while ago, it also ensures that Instagram is in compliance with the European Union's new GDPR privacy law that'll officially go live on May 25, 2018. If you want to check out Data Downloa... […]

  • Six months later, Google Lens still isn't great
    by Russell Holly on April 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    I know it's a preview, but I want to use this every day. For a company aimed at being the knowledge graph of the entire planet, image-based AI services are an obvious thing for Google to want to get right. And for anyone using Google Photos over the last couple of years, you know there have been huge strides made in enhancing these capabilities. Facial and object recognition in Google Photos, can be incredible, and there's a lot of good that can come from using these features in the real world. Being able to offer a camera with the ability to rapidly identify storefronts and street signs to visually impaired people alone is incredible. Google Lens is headed in the right direction, but it's clearly not ready for daily use just yet. As a Google Pixel owner, I've had access to Lens for six months now. This beta period for Lens has been a little clumsy, which is to be expected. I point Lens at an unusual book a friend of mine had, and instead of telling me where I can buy that book ... […]

  • This popular TP-Link smart plug is back down to its lowest price ever
    by Jared DiPane on April 24, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Lowest barrier of entry for you to start your smart home is right here. The TP-Link smart plug is down to $19.99 on Amazon, which is a match for its lowest price. It normally sells for closer to $30. The mini version, which takes up less space, is available for just a few dollars more if you'd prefer it. This is one of the easiest ways to start adding smart home elements to your appliances. It needs no hub and comes with a free app. So all you have to do is plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the free app, and you can turn whatever you've plugged into it on and off with your phone. If you do already have an Echo Dot or something similar, you can connect it to that easily to enable voice control. The smart plug has 4.3 stars based on more than 18,000 user reviews. See on Amazon ... […]

  • Best AT&T Phones in 2018
    by Andrew Martonik on April 24, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Best overall Best phablet Best for video Most durable Best overall Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ See Galaxy S9 at AT&T See Galaxy S9+ at AT&T We've officially arrived at our beautiful, bezel-less future, and the Galaxy S9 is a near-perfect example of what constitutes as innovative smartphone design. The curved glass looks and feels unlike anything else, and Samsung managed to pull off a nearly edge-to-edge display without resorting to a notch. The good news, too, is that despite the Galaxy S9's slimmer design, there's still a headphone jack. Inside, the Galaxy S9 sports the latest processor and enough RAM to fuel you through marathon multitasking sessions. You can choose between the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 with a 3000mAh battery or 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ with a 3500mAh battery. Bottom line: The Galaxy S9 is the best Android phone for most people, with some of the best specs and cameras on the market. One more thing: Though beautiful, the curved glass design is very fragile — ... […]

  • Today's best deals you won't want to miss
    by Jared DiPane on April 24, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Whether you're looking for new tech gear or household items, we've got you covered. Today you can get big discounts on TP-Link smart plugs, Ninja's popular blender, snack sample box, and more! Don't pass these up. View the rest of the deals If you want to know about the deals as soon as they are happening, you'll want to follow Thrifter on Twitter, and sign up for the newsletter, because missing out on a great deal stinks! ... […]

  • These are the best Android apps of 2018 nominated for a Google Play Award
    by Andrew Martonik on April 24, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Check out the apps Google thinks are the best available today. There are millions of great apps on the Google Play Store, so it can be tough for apps to get noticed and pick up the traction they deserve. That's one of the reasons why Google runs a yearly "Google Play Award" system, where it picks a couple dozen apps to highlight for outstanding design, user experience, performance, innovation and overall quality. Google just released the full list of nominees for the award, which in itself is a huge deal for these developers, but at Google I/O 2018 we'll see the actual award winners. Here are all of the nominated apps, divided up by category — there are nine categories in total, and five nominees for each one. Standout well-being app Clue by BioWink GmbH Fabulous by TheFabulous Headspace by Headspace, Inc. Lifesum by Lifesum Simple Habit by Simple Habit, Inc. Best accessibility experience Audio Game Hub by Sonnar Interactive Be My Eyes by Be My Eyes Open Sesame by Sesame E... […]

  • Moto E5 Play vs. Moto E4: Should you upgrade?
    by Hayato Huseman on April 24, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Last week, Motorola refreshed its wildly popular Moto G and Moto E series, among which is the new Moto E5 Play — an ultra-low-cost device targeted at prepaid customers who don't want to spend much more than $100. Everyone's heard the old adage "you get what you pay for," and a few years ago that might've been true to some extent with inexpensive phones. These days, though, you can get a lot of bang for just a little buck; last year's Moto E4 impressed us with surprisingly nice design and performance, and the Moto E5 Play looks to continue that tradition. But if you already have the E4, is there any reason to upgrade to the newer model? What's new with the Moto E5 Play? The Moto E5 Play takes on a newer look and feel that closely emulates its more expensive counterparts. While the display is still 16:9 and 720p, it's been upsized from 5.0 to 5.2 inches, and the fingerprint sensor now rests on the back of the phone, hidden in the Motorola logo. The camera has also been ... […]

  • Google 'Chat': Everything you need to know
    by Jerry Hildenbrand on April 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    Google might have finally found a way to fix online chat for everyone after years of trying. Google Chat is said to be the latest messaging solution from the company and if the rumors are true, every problem with online messaging could disappear. That's a pretty bold statement, but what Google Chat is (and what it isn't), as well as how it's different from previous attempts, makes me believe that there's nothing else any one company can do and it this doesn't work nothing ever will. Let's have a look at what it is and why it's different than previous attempts to "fix" online messaging. The current problem Right now online messaging is a digital battlefield filled with companies who only care what's best for themselves instead of making it easier for us. Services like iMessage and WhatsApp are great, but only if both sides of any online conversation are using the same app. There are several different standards that can be used and two of them we're all familiar with — SMS a... […]

  • Pay once to host your website for life with Dragify
    by Marc Lagace on April 24, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    As business moves online and people's attention moves to the web more and more, having your own website is more than an asset — it's almost a necessity. But maintaining a website means paying monthly or yearly hosting fees which can quickly add up over time. Fortunately, there are companies like Dragify Website Hosting which will keep your website hosted and domain registered for a one-time payment of just $49.99. This deal from Windows Central Digital Offers is here to alleviate frustration and to alleviate the strain on your bank account. Dragify is also a custom website designer that lets you create your own website the way you want it, which is included for free to allow you to create professional-looking sites without scripting or coding. Typically this service would cost you upwards of $600, but with this deal, you'll save 83%. Dragify uses Litespeed Web Servers which handle traffic spikes and neutralizes DDoS attacks with ease, while CloudLinux prevents individual sit... […]

  • Treat your home to an ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robovac for just $160 today
    by Jared DiPane on April 24, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    Let it do the work. Right now you can grab the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 RoboVac for just $159.98 when you use coupon code ECOVACS1 during checkout at Amazon. With over 4,500 reviews, this RoboVac has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating, which is rather impressive. You can use the free ECOVACS app to create a schedule, monitor cleanings, receive error alerts, and much more. It has four different cleaning modes and a 3-stage cleaning system to ensure your hard floors and carpets are nice and clean once it finishes. See at Amazon ... […]

  • Best Verizon Wireless Deals of April 2018
    by Joe Maring on April 24, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    No matter what T-Mobile says, you can actually find some pretty great deals on Verizon. Verizon Wireless has some of the largest coverage for customers in the United States, and although T-Mobile likes to continually poke fun at the carrier for having high monthly rates, there are actually some really solid deals to be found if you know where to look. You can typically find quite a few deals being run by Verizon at any given time, but if you only want to look at the best of the best and don't have time to sift through the garbage, that's where we come in. These are best deals on Verizon Wireless right now. Get 50% off the Pixel 2, two months of YouTube TV, and a free Home Mini + Chromecast The Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL are two of the finest Android phones you can buy, and right now Verizon's offering one of the best deals for them that we've seen yet. As long as you trade in an eligible device, you can get up to 50% off the cost of a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. You'll also get two f... […]

  • Spotify revamps its mobile app, adds on-demand listening for free users
    by Joe Maring on April 24, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Free users are also getting recommended playlist creation and a low-data mode. During a recent event in New York City, Spotify talked about a heap of new goodies that are in the works for its mobile app and free users. Looking first at the new app, there are visual changes in tow for just about everything – including the search page, now playing tab, and more. The bottom navigation bar is also less cluttered, and Spotify says it's currently in the process of pushing the new UI to all of its users. Spotify's main focus was clearly on its free members, however, and there's a lot in the pipeline for them. Perhaps the biggest feature for free users is the ability to listen to certain titles on-demand. Free Spotify members have previously been limited to listening to only shuffled playlists, but now they'll be able to pick and choose which songs they want to listen to as many times as they'd like – as long as those songs are offered in one of Spotify's personalized playl... […]

  • Best Cases for Moto G6
    by Marc Lagace on April 24, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    These are the first batch of quality cases released for the Moto G6! Motorola latest entries in the Moto G lineup have been announced with the flagship Moto G6 arriving in the US in late May. But it's never too early to start thinking about accessories, with some brands quick to get their cases out there well ahead of the phone's actual release. Even if you're not planning to buy a case so far ahead of the phone's release, it's good to window shop a bit and see how the phone will look in different styles of cases. We'll be continuing to update this article with more options as they become available. MoKo Slim Fit Case MAIKEZI Slim Folio Wallet Case Cimo Slim Grip Clear Case Cimo Armor Case Spigen Rugged Armor Case Poetic Karbon Shield Case Moko Slim Fit Case We'll start with a slim, one-piece case from Moko. This is a sleek and affordable case made from flexible TPU that features a simple design that protects the Moto G6 and offers a nice soft touch finish without adding unnec... […]

  • Amazon will now leave your packages safely in your car
    by John Levite on April 24, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Free for Prime members with modern cars. Amazon just announced a new service for Prime members that lets Amazon Key delivery drivers drop your packages off inside the trunk of your car. When Amazon Key first released, the idea was to appeal to customers who regularly ordered from Amazon and found their packages getting stolen off their front lawns. It was for people who lived in urban neighborhoods with no place to hide or conceal the package until they came home. With Amazon Key, the delivery driver could slip the package into your apartment where it would be safe. Giving a complete stranger access to their homes didn't really seem to appeal to a lot of people, though, no matter how many precautions Amazon took. Since then, the service has evolved to be so much more than that, but the basic premise remains. In-car delivery is a free service and requires no additional purchase, like the Amazon Key Home Kit. As long as you meet the necessary prerequisites you are eligible to begin a... […]

  • The Best PlayStation Exclusives
    by Jaz Brown on April 24, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Best Horror Best Adventure Best Action RPG Best Story Best Action Best Horror Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice See at Amazon There is a reason that Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice received so many nominations at the 2017 Game Awards. Ninja Theory put out a game that is nothing short of stunning. With stellar voice acting a motion captured performances it takes elements of Norse mythology and weaves a fantastic narrative exploring the nature of psychosis. The game blends hack and slash combat elements, horror, and puzzles in a way that provides excellent gameplay all on its own. When you add the surprisingly moving performances from first-time actor Melina Juergens, the powerful score, and tight writing you end up with a game that edges dangerously close to the realm of art. Bottom line. Do yourself a favor and give this game a spin. I think it does a fantastic job of pushing the envelope of what a video game can be. It is to gaming what art films are to blockbuster cinema. One mor... […]

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