• NBA League Pass is free on Amazon Prime Video Channels through Dec. 20
    by Phil Nickinson on December 15, 2018 at 11:33 pm

    It runs $29 a month after that. The NBA season is in full swing. And if you're looking to watch way more basketball than what you'll get on broadcast or network TV alone, it's time to look at NBA League Pass. And it just so happens that it's available on Amazon Prime Video Channels, with a free trial running through Dec. 20. After that, it'll run $28.99 a month, or $169 for the full season. (That's in addition to your Amazon Prime subscription, which is how Prime Video Channels works.) Some fine print: You'll be getting live games for out-of-market teams. Games that are televised nationally won't be available in this package, an blackouts are based on your location. But games that aren't available live should be available for replay 72 hours or so after they're played. Amazon Prime Video Channels is a mouthful, but really it's just add-on premium channels that live alongside Amazon Prime Video itself. It's all integrated into the same user interface, and is really well done. Get ... […]

  • These $10 wireless Bluetooth headphones can last for up to eight hours
    by Alex Smith on December 15, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    iClever's well-reviewed headphones are 50% off via Amazon today. Amazon has the iClever Bluetooth Wireless Headphones on sale today in your choice of black or brown when you enter promo code XSYB4T6O during checkout. That'll save you $10 off their regular cost and snag you these headphones at one of their best prices ever. These wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 and come with three pairs of ear-tips so you can find the right fit. They last for up to eight hours on a single charge which is pretty stellar, plus they feature a water-proof nano-coating so you won't have to worry about weather affecting them. That means they're equipped for use while exercising too. There's an in-line remote where you can control your music, the volume, and even take calls thanks to its built-in microphone. Close to 400 customers at Amazon left a review for these headphones, resulting in a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. These wouldn't perform that well for music, but if you primarily want to use... […]

  • Hulu subscriptions, Anker projectors, and more are all discounted today
    by Jared DiPane on December 15, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Whether you're looking for new tech gear or household items, we've got you covered. There's never a shortage of deals available, but sorting through all of them can be difficult at times. We've handpicked all the best tech, and everyday essentials discounts that you can take advantage of right now and brought them to one central location. From site-wide sales to projectors and soundbars, these are today's best discounts! Tech Deals Everyday Essentials If you want to know about the deals as soon as they are happening, you'll want to follow Thrifter on Twitter, and sign up for the newsletter, because missing out on a great deal stinks!... […]

  • Keep your gear powered up with this 4-pack of rechargeable batteries for $8
    by John Levite on December 15, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    Rechargeable batteries ensure you're never out of juice when you need it! It never hurts to have extra batteries on hand, and right now this 4-pack of AmazonBasics rechargeable AA batteries is on sale for $7.64. These batteries normally sell around $11, and even though they fluctuate a lot in price they've only dropped below $8 a few times in the past. Other batteries like AAA batteries are discounted right now too. Speaking from personal experience, I have this same pack of four and use them primarily for charging my game controllers. With these you don't need a big, bulky dock sitting next to your TV and you don't have any messy cords like you would with a play-and-charge kit. Plus, with four of them you will always have a replacement when the batteries get low, though you may want to pick up a battery charger if you don't have one already. These batteries can be stored for three years and still maintain 65% of their original charge. The 2400mAh capacity means they can provide a... […]

  • Protect and organize small electronics with the $8 AmazonBasics Travel Case
    by Alex Smith on December 15, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    Bring along your most essential tech securely. You probably know the struggle of trying to keep multiple devices and accessories well-protected while on-the-go. Thankfully, this universal travel case by AmazonBasics is now just $7.70 and will help you manage all your different cables and small electronics in one place. It generally sells for $10.49 and hasn't dropped this low in over a year. This case was designed to fit multiple small electronics, from cameras and smartphones to styluses and charging cables. The interior has a variety of different sized mesh pockets for your tech and the soft cotton jersey fabric helps prevent scratches. It has a wrist strap on the outside as well. Its dimensions are 9.5 x 5.25 x 1.88 inches. AmazonBasics also includes a one-year warranty with this case's purchase. At Amazon, nearly 4,000 customers left a review for this case resulting in a solid rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. See at Amazon... […]

  • Protect your Samsung Galaxy A6 with these fine cases
    by Quentyn Kennemer on December 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    The Samsung Galaxy A6 is a good looking phone, and it'd be a shame if you were to have an accident that would harm those good looks without proper protection. Today, we're taking a look at the best cases to keep your Galaxy A6 safe. Early spoiler: Spigen's Liquid Air Armor is one of our favorite options here due to a combination of quality and brand trust. That said, there are many other great options on this list, and the only way to see them all is to read on. Slim Profile Spigen Liquid Air Armor This flexible case is a slim fit that protects all the edges it needs to, with a nice anti-slip material for improved grip. Spigen's Liquid Air Armor is also pretty stylish and comes from a brand that we know stands behind its product. $13 at Amazon Rugged Protection SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro SUPCASE has made a name for itself when it comes to these rugged cases. With dual-layer protection and a built-in screen protector, you don't have to suffer a mild heart attack whenever yo... […]

  • MrMobile on the LG Watch W7: "W8" for the next one
    by MrMobile on December 15, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    When I first saw the LG Watch W7 smartwatch at the company's Fall launch event in NYC, I was almost more captivated by the watch than by the LG V40 headliner. A Wear OS smartwatch with a hole cut in the display to accommodate two analog hands, with battery life stretching to 100 days? Sign me up, I thought. The trouble with ideas that are cool on paper, though, is that they don't always translate to the wrist. LG had to make a lot of sacrifices to accommodate the W7's analog gearbox: there's no GPS, no NFC, no heart-rate monitor ... and because the merging of gadget and gearbox required a three-year development cycle, the W7 runs on the older Snapdragon 2100 platform. Combine those compromises with a high price tag (even after discount) and, well, you might be better off "W8" ing for the next one. Hit the full review above to learn more! Stay social, my friends YouTube The Web Twitter Facebook Snapchat Instagram ... […]

  • eBay's sitewide sale offers up to 15% off everything today only
    by Alex Smith on December 15, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Don't miss your shot! Today only, eBay is taking up to 15% off your order when you enter promo code PICKUPSALE during checkout. This code can save you a maximum of $75 off your order and doesn't have a minimum purchase requirement to use it, though you'll want to remember it can only be used once per account. The following categories are discounted by 10% with the code: Cameras & Photo, Cell Phones & Accessories, Computers/Tablets & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Video Games & Consoles. Everything else is 15% off, though there are a few exclusions overall such as gift cards and real estate. These eBay sales are a favorite for Team Thrifter, because nearly everything is sold at eBay. That means you'll be able to snag a discount on things which rarely go on sale otherwise, like the Nintendo Switch or Sonos Play:1 speakers. Now might be a good time to pick up some new headphones or maybe a smart TV. Some people think eBay is less reputable than retailers like Ama... […]

  • Let your Echo Plus go beyond with these smart home devices
    by Ara Wagoner on December 15, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    The newest incarnation of the Amazon Echo Plus is more than just a conduit for music and Alexa commands. The second-gen Echo Plus has a Zigbee smart home hub hiding within that plump, plush exterior, and that makes it compatible with thousands of smart home devices that otherwise need a special hub to function. These are the best smart home devices to pair with one, whether they use Zigbee or just have Alexa compatibility built in. Light it up Philips Hue Starter Kit Technically, Hue lights can be used without a Philips Hue bridge thanks to Zigbee hub inside the Echo Plus, but you'll still need a Hue Bridge to get full functionality. This 2-bulb starter kit has everything you need to take full advantage of Hue's advanced features. $100 at Amazon Affordable illumination TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb TP-Link's better known for its wonderful smart plugs and networking equipment, but its smart lights are quite capable, too. Kasa has almost as impressive a color range... […]

  • Explore Greece in the $30 Assassin's Creed Odyssey for PS4 and Xbox One
    by John Levite on December 15, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Pick your side. The video game Assassin's Creed Odyssey is down to $29.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at Amazon today. This is a fairly new game, just released in early October, and still regularly sells for around the $60 price. Today's deal is a price-match of a one-day sale at Best Buy, so it's very likely this deal won't last for very long. While it is just another game in the long-running Assassin's Creed series, Odyssey takes some new twists and turns to make the game seem fresh. For one thing, it takes place in ancient Greece. You will be able to choose between Athens or Sparta in the middle of the Peloponnesian War. For another, it adds a lot of RPG elements where previous games depended on a more action-game format. It even brings back a bit of the excellent naval combat from previous games. Watch your men get eaten by sharks. On Metacritic, the game has 82 on PS4 and 87 on Xbox One. See at Amazon... […]

  • Today's sale on board games and more is perfect to get the family together
    by Alex Smith on December 15, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Don't miss your turn at grabbing these at some of their best prices ever. Board games, card games and the like are an easy way to get the family all in the same room for the holidays, though you'll want to be careful you don't choose anything that will upset the delicate balance between fun and competition (a.k.a. Monopoly). Luckily for you, Amazon is having a one-day sale on tons of games for kids and adults alike so you can bring a new game to the table this holiday season. Prices are discounted by up to 30% today, and it's also worth remembering that Amazon's offering free shipping for everyone through December 18. There's a good mix of board games in this sale, so you could choose a classic like Trivial Pursuit for $11.75 or grab something more recent like the Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game for $9.21. Both games are at new low prices here too. Maybe you want an oversized Jenga set for your backyard or want to build your own roller coaster... in either case, this sale's got you cov... […]

  • You won't need to think hard about buying these amazing PS4 strategy games
    by Jaz Brown on December 15, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Once upon a time strategy games and consoles didn't really get along. If you wanted to play great strategy games your best bet was to stick to a PC. However, things have changed. Consoles are far more powerful than they once were and various developers have created solid strategy games which you can experience from the comfort of your couch. If you enjoy getting down to the nitty-gritty, looking for any advantage, and tactical planning, then strategy games might just be what you're looking for. Space strategy XCOM 2 Firaxis games have been churning out stellar strategy games for the better part of 2 decades. XCOM 2 is their second entry to the long-running series which was launched in 1994. Not unlike other installments, you take on the role of a commander in the military organization known as XCOM. It is your job to defend earth from occupying alien forces. XCOM 2 represents one of the purest military strategy experiences available on PS4. $22 at Amazon TKTKTK 1-2 Samurai str... […]

  • This $100 drone performs about as well as you'd expect it to
    by Marc Lagace on December 15, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    The EACHINE E58 borrows the look of a premium drone, but it's clearly a budget drone best suited for novice pilots EACHINE E58 drone You get what you pay for One of the better pre-fabricated drones you can buy for under $100, but you'll want to buy with realistic expectations for drones at this price. $95 at Amazon The Good Modern drone style Built-in camera Good in-air stability Affordable price Quick to start flying The Bad Lightweight to a fault Camera functionality is suspect Plastic parts break easy First Flight EACHINE E58 Pocket Drone: The features The most compelling feature of this drone is its price. You're not likely to find such an impressively designed camera drone you can fit in your pocket for a better price than this — but you should be sure to keep your expectations in check as well. I think it's fair t... […]

  • Stream Netflix, Hulu and more with Anker Nebula Portable Projectors on sale
    by Alex Smith on December 15, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Now at all-time low prices. Two of Anker's portable Nebula projectors are on sale at Amazon today only, with prices starting as low as $221. The most notable of the products on sale is the Nebula Mars II Portable Projector, and today's price of $329.99 is its best ever. Considering it regularly sells for $500, this is not a deal worth passing up if you've been on the hunt for something like it. This projector is capable of creating an HD picture with up to 1280 x 720 resolution and features 300 ANSI lm brightness and 720p DLP IntelliBright technology for an improved image. Its integrated dual 10W audio drivers offer powerful sound, and there's even an autofocus feature which will enhance the picture automatically whenever the projector is moved to a new location. Best of all, it has Android 7.1 built-in so you can easily stream content from services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube without needing a separate streaming device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Plus, it's compact enough to... […]

  • Win a Roku TV and Wireless Speakers from Cordcutters
    by Michelle Haag on December 15, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    The TCL 6-Series Roku TV is one of our top picks, so we're giving away two of them, and speakers to go with! The TCL 6-Series is one of those products that hits that sweet spot between performance and price. It's easy to set up. It's easy to use. Its Roku software should be updated for years to come. It has access to just about all the streaming TV content you could possibly wanted has a built-in tuner so you can watch TV via an over-the-air antenna. It's got enough ports to keep most users happy should they need another box or game console. All around it's a great product, at a great price, and one we happily recommend to our readers. Pair one of the 6-Series TVs with the new Roku Wireless Speakers and you have a pretty great set-up for almost any room in your home. We are such fans of these products, we're giving them away! Keep reading to enter! Enter to win! THE PRIZE: Two readers that enter will win a 55-inch TCL 6-Series Roku TV and a pair of Roku TV Wireless Speakers! THE... […]

  • The wall clock finally gets an upgrade with the Amazon Echo Wall Clock
    by Ara Wagoner on December 15, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Best answer: This wall clock is an understated and almost elegant timepiece that might not be as "smart" as the rest of the smart home tech we see, but what it does it does well: keep accurate time and display your Alexa timer. The automatic adjustment for Daylight Saving Time is almost worth $30 on its own, just so Grandma doesn't have to get on a stepstool to wind the clocks back. Amazon: Amazon Echo Wall Clock ($30) Time for a new era of wall clock I'll admit it: when I got out of college, I didn't think I needed a wall clock. After all, there are clocks on everything else in my home: my phones, my computers, my microwaves and ovens, my watches — both smart and traditional — and even the Chromecast's Daydream shows the time in the bottom corner. That said, I missed having a wall clock. Yeah, I can ask my Amazon Echo what the time is, or how much time is left on one of my many daily timers, but it's still not nearly as easy as being able to look at the wall and see t... […]

  • The newest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer is here with its greatest hits
    by Laura Fagan on December 15, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Want to know what's going on with Kingdom Hearts 3? Here's everything we know so far. In the early years of gaming, there were quite a few swings taken at the creation of a game utilizing Disney properties. Most of those games ranged anywhere from unplayable to mediocre as far as quality goes. Then in 2002, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts onto the PlayStation 2. Disney fans and gamers rejoiced as they finally had a significant video game with Disney characters. Thus far, there have been a total of nine Kingdom Hearts games, and here in 2018, Square Enix stands poised to release a new entry to the gaming public. We have been hearing rumblings about Kingdom Hearts 3 for years now, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the series. As it stands now, we should see a release toward the end of 2018. However, what do we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 right now? Let's take a look. What's new with Kingdom Hearts 3? December 14 - Pre-Orders for Limited Edition Ki... […]

  • How to put together an Instagram Top 9 on Android
    by Joe Maring on December 15, 2018 at 12:04 am

    Here's how to find and share your most popular posts of the year! Towards the end of each year, it becomes quite common to see your Instagram feed filled with people's top nine most popular posts of the year. It's a fun way to look back at your biggest highlights, and thankfully, making your own Top 9 is a lot easier than you were probably thinking. First thing's first, we need to download an app called "Top Nine." Open the Google Play Store. Search Top 9. Tap on the app called Top Nine for Instagram. Install it. With Top Nine now installed, it's time to actually see what your top posts of the year were! Type in your Instagram username. Type in the email address associated with your Instagram account. Tap Find My Top Nine. Tap Save to Photos. Grant Top Nine access to your photos/files. Share it on Instagram! That gird of your top 9 photos is saved as a single file, meaning you can share it to Instagram like you would with any other photo. What were your top 9 posts o... […]

  • What's new on Hulu in January 2019
    by Phil Nickinson on December 14, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    It's the return of Future Man. And other things not quite as advanced. This January we travel further into the future. Not just because it's a new month, and a new year, but because we get the second season of the criminally underrated Hulu Original Future Man. The year is 2162, and hijinx ensue. And some other stuff. It's worth noting that our listings this time around also include upcoming premieres from the networks on Hulu Live, so you'll find those below as well. But here are the highlights: Atlanta: Complete Season 2 (FX) (1/1): Two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families. Donald Glover serves as Executive Producer, along with Paul Simms, Dianne McGunigle and Stephen Glover. The Bachelor: Season 23 Premiere (ABC) (1/8): What does a pageant star who calls herself the "hot-mess express," a confident Nigerian beauty with a loud-and-proud personality,; a deceptively bubbly spitfire who is hiding a dark fami... […]

  • What are the differences between the two Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro bundles?
    by Quentyn Kennemer on December 14, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    We're a team of gamers who happen to be obsessed with Kingdom Hearts 3. We break down the difference between these two new special edition PS4 bundles for fans to enjoy. Kingdom Hearts 3 Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle Special Console $400 at GameStop Pros Special PS4 Pro console and controller with markings inspired by Kingdom Hearts Comes with the game, a PS4 theme, and the Midnight Blue Keyblade Cons Only available at GameStop You're getting a special edition PS4 Pro and the full game for one easy price. The Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro features crests and emblems inspired by the game on a jet black chassis. Kingdom Hearts 3 Limited Edition PS4 Pro Ultimate Fan Bundle Extra Goodies $470 at GameStop Pros Special PS4 Pro console and controller with markings inspired by Kingdom Hearts. Comes with the game, a PS4 theme, and the Midnight Blue Keyblade. Includes remastered games, shorts, and movies to get you caught up. Also comes with a selection of Funko dolls. Cons Availab... […]

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