Test your android skills

What is android ?


What is DVM ?


What is apk ?


Once installed on a device, each Android application lives in_______?


What are the Direct subclasses of Activity?


What are the indirect Direct subclasses of


Parent class of Service?


What are the indirect Direct subclasses of Services?


Which component is not activated by an Intent?


When contentProvider would be activated?


Which of the important device characteristics that you should consider as you design and develop your application?


Which are the screen sizes in Android?


Which are the screen densities in Android?


You can shut down an activity by calling its _______ method.


What is the difference between Activity context and Application Context?


Which one is NOT related to fragment class?


Definition of Loader?


Characteristics of the Loaders?


How many ways to start services?


If your service is private to your own application and runs in the same process as the client (which is common), you should create your interface by extending the ________class?


If you need your interface to work across different processes, you can create an interface for the service with a ________?


AsyncTask allows you to perform asynchronous work on your user interface. It performs the blocking operations in a worker thread and then publishes the results on the UI thread.


Layouts in android?


Dialog classes in android?


If you want share the data accross the all applications ,you should go for?


Difference between android api and google api?


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